Canine Books, Articles, Web References

History and Origins

Coppinger, Raymond & Lorna Dogs: A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior and Evolution.  Scribner, 2001

Humphrey, Elliott & Lucien Warner Working Dogs. Johns Hopkins Press, 1934

Anderson, Myrdene From Predator to Pet: Social Relationships of the Saami Reindeer- Herding Dog Purdue University, 1986

Lorenz, Konrad, On Aggression 1963

The Canine Genome Elaine A.Ostrander & Robert K. Wayne

The Origin of the Dog Revisited , Janice Koler-Matznick, 2002

Origin of Domestic Dogs Ed Young

Peter Savolainen Research Article Molecular Biology and Evolution Journal

Origin of Human's Best Friend  National Science Foundation

Who reined the dogs in the dogs  Later research report.

The Dog Genome Project   National Human Genome Research Institute.

Dogs and their Relatives   The Canidae (coyotes, dogs, foxes, jackals, and wolves).

Molecular Evolution of the Dog Family   Research by Robert Wayne.

Evolution of the Dog   PBS Evolution Series

L.David Mech personal web site ,   Authority on the natural history of the wolf.

Bragg Breeding Article   Every working dog person needs to read this

Bragg Web Site

Dogs of War

Lemish, Michael G. War Dogs: A History of Loyalty and Heroism.  Washington: Brassey's, 1996

Putney, William Always Faithful: A Memoir of the Marine Dogs of WWII.  Washington: Brassey's, 2001

Morgan, Paul B. K-9 Soldiers: Vietnam and After A personal journey.

Richardson, Edwin H. British War Dogs, Their Training and Psychology. London: Skeffington and Sons, 1920, 288 pp.

Richardson, Edwin H. Forty Years with Dogs.  Philadelphia: David McKay, 1930

Military Dog History    United States Air Force Publication

The Military Police at Lackland AFB    United States Army Publication

Police Dogs

Eden, Robert  K9 Officer's Manual Detselig, 1993, 212 pages,
ISBN-10: 1550590626  ISBN-13: 978-1550590623

Mackenzie, Stephen Decoys and Aggression  Detselig,1996, 96 pages, ISBN-10: 1550591320  ISBN-13: 978-1550591323

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Chapman, Samuel G. Police Dogs in America.
Bureau of Government Research, University of Oklahoma, 1979

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George, Charles & Linda  Bomb Detection Dogs Capstone Press,  1998,48 p, 1560657510   ISBN-13: 978-1560657514

Vickery, Kimball "The Origins of Police K-9." Dog Sports Magazine, March, 1984

FBIReport:  Specialized Use of Human Scent in Criminal Investigations


Most, Konrad Training Dogs, a Manual English translation: Popular Dogs 1951

Schellenberg, Dietmar Top Working dogs: A Training Manual - Tracking,
Obedience, Protection. 
1985, Paperback, ISBN: 0960879803

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Syrotuck, William G. Scent and the Scenting Dog. Arner Publications, 1972
A really useful and interesting reference.

Bouvier des Flandres

van Gink-Van Es, G. F. Bouvier Belge des Flandres. Uitgeverij El Perro, 1979 Dutch

Chastel,Justin The Bouvier des Flandres Today and Yesterday. - In French.

Engel, James R. Bouvier des Flandres: The dogs of Flanders Fields.  Alpine, 1991

Belgian Shepherd

Vanbutsele, Jean-Marie Hundred Years of History of the Belgian Shepherd Dog 1988 Translated to English by Pascale Vanbutsele

German Shepherd

Humphrey, Elliott & Lucien Warner Working Dogs Johns Hopkins Press, 1934

Genetics, Medical, Breeding

Genetic Diversity Testing for Doberman Pinchers

Doberman Pinchers: Are we watching the extinction of a breed?


Whatever Happened to Old Shep? by Linda Rorem

Collies: Back to the Future

Not Canine Related, but Interesting

Mann, Charles C. 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

Piketty, Thomas Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Herrnstein,Richard & Murray,Charles The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life

Commentary on The Bell Curve

Jim Engel, Marengo